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UPDATE December 2014: 

This project is no longer maintained. I recommend using which is a .NET port of the library.

Project Description

ZXing (pronounced "zebra crossing") is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library originally implemented by Google in Java.

This is a Silverlight port of the csharp ZXing port created by Suraj Supekar at revision 1202 in the SVN repository. It was designed for use in the PhraseMeme Scanner application, but can be used to create other Windows Phone or Silverlight applications that scan and process Barcodes.

The library currently supports:

EAN-8 and EAN-13
Code 39
Code 128
QR Code
Data Matrix (Not tested)
PDF417 (Not tested)

The majority of the code remains unchanged from the original port except the following:

  • Fixed implementation issue with dictionary throwing exceptions when key does not exist
  • Added ALL_1D and UPC_EAN types to the BarcodeFormat.cs class for easier binding for multi-format readers
  • Added Windows Phone 7 specific code to the WP7Code folder and WP7_Barcode_Library.WP7Code namespace

The project includes code specific for Windows Phone 7 implementation including:

  • A WP7Manager class used to store all the barcode capture and processing logic
  • Code for initializing the CameraCaptureTask and processing the results
  • BarcodeCaptureResult class to store results
  • BarcodePhotoChooser XAML/CS page for displaying and choosing sample barcodes since the emulator does not support the camera.
  • BarcodeSampleItemManager for setting up the sample barcodes
  • BarcodeTypeItem and BarcodeTypeManager classes that can be bound to in UI for selecting barcode type
  • Code for resizing images for improved processing by ZXing


  • Fix Data Matrix and PDF417 implementation
  • Add more documentation and code samples
  • Improve scanning accuracy for all barcode types
  • Implement history feature

For more details please see the original Google Code ZXing website

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